In Focus: Local Option. A brief guide to what is meant by "local option" - download (pdf document)

Essay: Local Option: It's the Anglican Way. Neil Fernyhough explains how local option fits into the historical Anglican way for the formation of doctrine, and why local option for blessings is, in the best catholic and reformed Anglican tradition, the best way forward - download (pdf document)

In Focus: Blessings. A brief guide to blessings and pastoral care, in context and in practice - download (pdf document)

Essay: On Blessings, Same-Sex Covenants, and Pastoral Response. William Crockett surveys the meaning of blessing, in the biblical context and in the early church, in answer to the question "What would it mean for the church to bless same sex unions" - download (pdf document)

Essay: Challenging Conventional Wisdom. How a conservative reading of the biblical references to homosexuality fails to support their traditional interpretation. Steve Schuh tells us that a closer reading of the Bible itself leads to a responsible re-evaluation of conventional wisdom - download (pdf document)

Desafiando la Sabiduria Convencional:  Cómo una lectura conservadora de las referencias bíblicas a la homosexualidad no logra respaldar su interpretación tradicional”, por Steve Schuh. - download (pdf document)

Integrity Brochures

May the Lord Bless You. Same-sex spouses, blessings, and marriage - download (pdf document)

Why do we stay? Gays and Lesbians are not leaving the Anglican Church - download (pdf document)

What's the big deal? A view from the under-30 crowd - download (pdf document)

What the Bible really says about lesbians and gay men - download (pdf document)

Does the Bible actually say anything about homosexuality? - download (pdf document)

Emerging Common Ground. Some thoughts on the questions around gays and lesbians in the church, from people in the diocese of Toronto who are on both sides of the question - download (pdf document)

Integrity Canada ? Gay and Lesbian Anglicans and our friends - who we are - download (pdf document)




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