What is Integrity Canada?

Integrity Canada is a national network of organizations and friends working toward the full inclusion of gay and lesbian people in the life of the Anglican Church of Canada. We are part of the international lesbian and gay Christian movement, encouraging churches around the world to promote the basic human rights of gay and lesbian people and to support their active participation in the life of the Church.

Canada's first Integrity chapter was organized in 1975, and local chapters are now active in several cities across the country. Local Integrity chapters offer:

  • a safe worshipping and caring community where gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered and questioning people can integrate their faith and sexuality and grow in their spiritual lives,
  • support for Anglican parishes and dioceses seeking to become more affirming, inviting, and welcoming of gay and lesbian people, and
  • opportunities for lesbian and gay communities to hear afresh the Good News that Jesus is a friend to all, and that the Anglican Church welcomes them.

GLBT (gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered) People and the Local Church

On the parish level the Church's acceptance of lesbian and gay people varies widely, from enthusiastic welcome to outright rejection. Some gay people have been badly hurt by negative attitudes and ignorance in the Church and find participating in regular parish activities difficult. Many gay people who grew up in the Anglican Church or who have looked to the Church for spiritual nurture have been turned away by anti-gay prejudice and rhetoric:

  • We are told that our desire to love and to be loved is "disordered", "unnatural", and sinful.
  • We are told that being a "gay Christian" is an oxymoron and that our experience of God's grace and acceptance is illusory.
  • We are discouraged from integrating our faith and sexuality, from growing in Christian wholeness.
  • We are pressured to hide the truth about ourselves from our families and closest friends, to pretend to be "straight", and frequently to marry heterosexually.

Integrity invites our hurting brothers and sisters back to the Church by demonstrating Christian care and love. We support all people in their spiritual growth and journey to Christian wholeness, and we help them to find parishes where they can participate without pretense about their sexuality or experience of grace as gay Christians.

What Integrity asks of the Church

While our bishops formally affirm that gay and lesbian Anglicans are full members of the Body of Christ, the Church still does not accept us as whole human beings, integrated in faith and sexuality:

  • It mandates life-long celibacy only of its gay and lesbian priests.
  • In most places it refuses to acknowledge and respect God's blessing in our committed relationships.
  • GLBT people are often not allowed to exercise their gifts in service to the Church.
  • And in some places gay and lesbian Anglicans are even refused the Eucharist.

In this context Integrity calls on the Anglican Church of Canada to review and change any activity or policy that disrespects the diversity of sexual orientation, or that discriminates, excludes, or prohibits on the basis of sexual orientation or same-sex union. We call on our brothers and sisters in Christ –- regardless of sexual orientation -– to work with us to build local faith communities that are healthy, whole, and fully life-affirming, and a Church that reflects the radical equality of all people in Christ Jesus.

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