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July 12, 2016 - Same-Sex Marriage passes first reading at ACC General Synod! After initially declaring the motion to amend the Marriage Canon had failed by a single vote, Primate Fred Hiltz confirmed that an audit of the previous day's voting revealed an error - the motion had actually attained thenecessary 2/3 majority in all three orders.  While the motion was thought failed, the bishops of Niagara, Ottawa, and Huron announced intentions to authorize same-sex marriage regardless, the existing Canon not specifically prohibiting them from local action.  Several other bishops announced consideration of the same.  In another gesture of LGBTQ2 pastoral care, 78% of Synod delegates voted to reaffirm the 2004 GS recognition of the "integrity and sanctity of same-sex relationships" and to "call the whole church to engage fully with This Holy Estate," the theological rationale supporting the canonical change.  As the motion was actually passed, the issue will now be discussed by Provincial Synods and returned to General Synod 2019 for second reading.

Niagara announcement:

Momentary despair:

Recount and passage:

June 1, 2016 – New Facebook groups mobilize for General Synod.  In the months leading up to the ACC’s General Synod meeting (July 7-12), supporters for same-sex church marriage have organized on social media to coordinate efforts.  Advocates for Changing Marriage Canon provides a forum for private discussion and strategizing.  Equally Anglican is a public site for sharing stories of committed same-sex love and commitment among LGBT Anglicans and preparing a booth to help inform Synod delegates. 

April 13, 2016 – ‘Civil disobedience’ possible if resolution fails.  In an interview with the Anglican Journal, Archbishop Fred suggested Canadian bishops should be prepared for the possibility that some clergy and parishes will marry same-sex couples even if the resolution changing official church rules fails.  “I know it’s difficult for people to hear me say this, but ... if it doesn’t pass, the LGBT community is going to be deeply upset, if not, in fact, deeply offended.  And we will have to seize that as a challenge and an opportunity as a church to be, I think, much more deeply engaged with them in terms of their lived experience of their lived covenantal love one for another.”

February 29, 2016 – House of Bishops “not likely to pass” marriage canon changes.  In a move that surprised many, the Canadian HoB stated publicly that there does not appear to be sufficient support among bishops to pass the proposed marriage equality resolution to be considered by General Synod in July.  While acknowledging the “deep pain” the denial of full marriage equality would cause “both within and beyond the Church,” they indicated a desire “to explore other options for honouring and fully embracing committed, faithful same-sex relationships.”  Critics quickly responded that the church cannot honour and fully embrace same-sex couples while simultaneously discriminating against them.   Several bishops later sought to clarify and otherwise spin the HOB statement.

January 19, 2016 – Primates call for ‘consequences’ for supporting same-sex marriage.  In addition to commenting on the Primates Meeting communiqué that sought to impose consequences on the US Episcopal Church for fully including same-sex couples in its marriage rites, Archbishop Fred apologized “for the manner in which the Church has often regarded the LGBTQ community and condemned their lives with very harsh language.”  He suggested Canadians studying ‘This Holy Estate’ and other church resources on marriage equality might consider the Primates’ statement “another piece of information.”

October 2, 2015 – ACC Marriage Commission issues final report.   The commission charged with conducting the church-wide consultation on same-sex marriage and preparing documentation proposing changes to ACC canons has issued its report.  This Holy Estate demonstrates “how it is theologically possible to extend the marriage canon to include same-sex couples, without thereby diminishing, damaging, or curtailing the rich theological implications of marriage as traditionally understood.”  The ACC website offers full documentation and study materials.

June 30, 2015 – The Episcopal Church (USA) approves Marriage Equality!  Days after the US Supreme Court legalized same-sex civil marriage, the House of Deputies of the US Episcopal Church concurred with their House of Bishops supporting gender-neutral marriage rites.  Integrity USA’s president, Matt Haines said, "I am overjoyed that our relationships and marriages as same-sex couples are finally recognized by both church and state.  The Episcopal Church spoke to this justice overwhelmingly, beyond our expectations, affirming the equality of our love.”

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