Just say no to Spam (or in Canada, Prem)

As you are all (painfully) aware, our integritycanada email addresses attract a lot of less than attractive email, aka spam. Mostly this is because these email addresses are public and published on the web.

Having a public email address is a good thing, but not so useful if real mail gets lost.

So, to give us back the usefulness of the email accounts we’re going to put a special “filter” into the system, called a challenge filter to “trap” the bad stuff. You may have already seen this kind of filter in operation.

It works like this. When mail is received from an unknown sender it is held and they get a message back asking for a reply. If they reply back, then the mail is released to the system (you get it), and they are added to the list of email accounts that are “pre-approved”. This is called the “whitelist”. From this point on mail from these addresses is automatically accepted.

The spammers don’t reply to these messages, so after a while (14 days) we just throw the mail away, and you never see it.

The system is pretty much automatic, though there are some “tweaks” you can apply, described below.

Webmail and logging in to your account.

All of the boxtrap functions require you to log in to the webmail interface to your Integrity Canada account. (Yes, Virgil, there is a web interface into Integrity mail!) Just point your browser to


(You can also get directly into the Squirrelmail interface at http://webmail.integritycanada.org/ but you have to use the full interface (above) to get to the management interface. You can also change your password here.)