6 May 2005

Integrity Canada meets with the Council of General Synod

"We are engaged in a ministry of church-building. Our local chapters
and informal networks offer support to Anglican parishes and dioceses
seeking to become more affirming, inclusive and intentionally welcoming,
not only to the gay and lesbian community but, by extension, to
others who have too long been marginalized by the mainstream."

At the invitation of The Council of General Synod, representatives of Integrity Canada met with the Council to share our perspective on the appropriate Canadian response the Primates' call for our church's withdrawal from the Anglican Consultative Council, and for a moratorium on same sex blessings.

While recognising the seriousness of the Primates' call, we have urged the Council to remember that is it in the Anglican Consultative Council that representatives of the whole church, clergy and lay, meet to consider the global ministry of the Anglican Communion. It is in the Anglican Consultative Council that the process of intentional listening and dialog called for at successive Primates' meetings since 1978 must begin. It is there that the many promises made will have to be kept. And it is there that the whole church may hear of the marvelous things God has done in this country.

We have also urged the Council to keep faith with the many members of the church in Canada, both members of our communities and others, who have worked faithfully together to share our vision of an inclusive community where the love of God for all God's people is fully reflected in the celebration of our relationships and families.

Read the full statement given to the Council of General Synod.

Please remember in prayers the people and Synod of the Diocese of New Westminster as they meet May 13 and 14, and consider that Diocese' response to the Windsor Report and the Primates' Meeting.

Background material (PDF documents)
Integrity Canada's response to the Primates' Meeting
Integrity Canada's response to the Windsor report (October 2004)

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