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Now that I’m back in Toronto, I’ve downloaded the photos taken at the Integrity service at General Synod 2010.  We were initially supposed to be in a large, flat room, but that was being set up for another function (we found out 35min before the service), and so we were moved to a lecture theatre.  Somewhat unconventional for a worship service, but the sight lines were good.

The images in the gallery below are all clickable – they will embiggen and a caption will be visible.

I’ll post more on my Facebook page (Chris Ambidge)

This was a very encouraging show of support – I estimate that 20% were gay; which means that 80 people were straight supporters.  Thank you to all (and to Linda and Patti and dean Peter Wall for helping it actually happen)




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June 13th, 2010 at 10:44 am

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