anti-LGBT persecution motion / covenant acceptance

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This afternoon we did two things:

a) had a presentation on the proposed covenant. After some table work on “what would be good for study materials”, we were presented with a motion that received this draft for study and referring it to various bodies for study to bring forward to GS2013 with clear discussion of ramifications for accepting and for not accepting.

b) Resolution C010 – on persecution and marginalisation of LGBT around the world. This was actually received late – regular motions the deadline was Monday, it didn’t come in until yesterday’s deadline for sexuality motions. That deadline was actually about GS’s sexuality discussions, and this one was not actually relevant. However, 2/3 consent was received to put it back onto the agenda. The text deplores legislation calling for punishments for LGBT people and their supporters, encouraging our partners to do the same, and request hte ACCanada to embrace the outcast and stand against abuse and torment of LGBT people. The mover/seconder were from the youth delegates. Other than the mover, no one spoke for or against, and it carried unanimously.

Now it’s time to go get ready for the Integrity eucharist


Written by Chris

June 10th, 2010 at 12:57 pm

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