Sex on Wednesday, part 1 this morning

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It’s Wednesday, so we get sex not once but twice, lucky us. This morning we were in our discussion groups again, having had the summation document in our hands overnight. Same procedure, going around the circle in the “is there anything to add” mode. Notes were taken, they will be collated and a summary presented to us this evening so we can soak on it overnight. Resolutions will undoubtedly appear tomorrow, the last full day of work.
My group again had reasonable discussion, it was polite, no voices were raised, no tears, no overt rudeness; but we were certainly not all of one accord (with two clergy and a bishop from Council of the North dioceses, and opinions as you would expect). There were three who passed and so I have no idea their actual opinions; the rest of us (19, not counting the rapporteur) want some form of blessing. One side wants acknowledgements of (and adherence to) moratoria; the other side want local option in some form. It was clear that those from dioceses who have moved are not prepared to move back. While one or two were concerned about opinions beyond our borders, it was also clear that we felt the Canadian church needs to have as first (not only, but definitely primary) concern the sheep of its own flock, and what is best for them.
There was an accounting of the amount of time spent on this, and it being time to do SOMEthing – as the bishop said, he had been a member of the House of Bishops since the early 90s, and it has never NOT been on their meeting agendas. (As one who has been at it still longer, I can attest that the church as a whole has been “at it” for more than two decades.) Some (?most?) see that as too long – it’s over a generation. The First Nations priest spoke of the Indian Act only giving them the vote 44yr ago “this is nothing”. Well, I wasn’t about to get into the comparative-oppressions game, which never gets anywhere. What I do say is that I realise that God moves in her own time (Kairos), the rest of us live in Chronos, and we’re not getting any younger; I’m not about to concede prolonging the process. I suspect I’m far from alone on that – there is a sense of “oh fer hevvingsakes, we have to do SOMEthing” here.
There’s also a much less confrontational ethos and atmosphere than there was in Winnipeg in 2007; less of a competitive, nail-yer-colours-to-the-mast feeling and a more prepared to listen sense. Maybe part of it is that the really upset ones have since 07 left, picked up their marbles and gone home (or at least, elsewhere in the vineyard), so there’s less by way of troublemakers.
Other groups seem to have gone well. We’ll see.
We’ll see how it goes. Back to work early (1330, not 1400). Yr scribe presided at Morning Prayers at 0845 – it went very smoothly (Huron College training comes to the fore); I’d never worked with a screen and reading off the monitor (not quite a teleprompter) – but it was really quite easy.

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June 9th, 2010 at 9:23 am

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